Facing Challenges in Building a Green Data Center

Facing Challenges in Building a Green Data Center

By Published On: May 9, 2024Categories: Article

In this digital era, the need for data centers continues to increase. However, the challenges faced in building a Green Data Center are not easy. 

This article will discuss these challenges and the steps that need to be taken in the process of building a Green Data Center.

Business Challenges in Building a Green Data Center 

First, we must understand that building a Green Data Center is not an easy task. There are many business challenges to face.

1. Large Initial Investment 

The initial investment to build a Green Data Center can be very large. However, don’t let this deter you. With proper planning, this investment can provide a significant ROI in the long run. 

In addition, this investment can also help your company meet environmental regulations and enhance the company’s reputation in the eyes of customers. 

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2. Availability of Resources

A major challenge in the use of renewable energy is the limitation in ensuring sufficient electricity availability to run the entire data center. Although renewable energy such as solar and wind power can be used, their availability is not always reliable. Therefore, an initial step that can be taken is to use a Renewable Energy Certificate. This is evidence that a data center has utilized a specific quantity of energy derived from renewable sources.

Thus, although challenges still exist, this step can at least ensure that the data center is moving towards greener energy use. 

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Steps in Building a Green Data Center 

After understanding the existing challenges, here are the steps that need to be taken in building a green data center.

1. Thorough Planning 

The success of building a Green Data Center depends on thorough planning, including location selection, design, and technology. The ideal location is one that supports the use of renewable energy and has diverse resources. 

Innovation in cooling technology plays a crucial role in achieving environmental sustainability. For example, geothermal cooling technology utilizes the stable earth temperature as a reliable cooling source. 

In addition, active and passive solar cooling systems are significant advancements in utilizing renewable energy innovation for cooling.

2. Implementation of Green Technology

The application of environmentally friendly technologies such as efficient cooling systems and the use of renewable energy is crucial in building a green data center. For example, you can use waterless cooling technology that reduces water and energy usage. 

In addition, the Liquid Cooling System is also an innovative solution in data center cooling technology. 

This system uses an indirect evaporative cooling method with a unique semi-permeable membrane exchange that completely separates water from the air stream, resulting in significant PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness) savings. With this system, we can see a 20-30% decrease in PUE and a 90% decrease in WUE.

In facing these challenges, EDGE DC is ready to assist you. Learn more about our services. Let’s build a greener future together. 

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