The Concept of LEED Certification and its Role in Green Data Center Growth

The Concept of LEED Certification and its Role in Green Data Center Growth

By Published On: January 16, 2024Categories: Article
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In an era where environmental consciousness and technological advancements converge, the quest for sustainable infrastructure has become increasingly paramount. One of the key indicators in this movement is LEED Certification, standing for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This certification, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), serves as a benchmark for designing and operating environmentally friendly and resource-efficient buildings. But how does LEED Certification support the burgeoning trend of green data centers?

Understanding LEED Certification

LEED Certification is a comprehensive rating system that evaluates the eco-friendliness of buildings across various criteria. These criteria encompass energy efficiency, water usage, materials and resources, sustainable site selection, and indoor environmental quality. The application of these principles not only reduces the environmental impact of structures but also sets a standard for responsible construction and operation. 

LEED Certification for Green Data Centers

In recent years, LEED has gained widespread popularity as the internationally recognized standard for “green buildings.” While LEED certified homes, commercial buildings, and neighborhoods can be found worldwide, LEED data centers are still uncommon. Currently, less than 5% of all US data centers are LEED certified. However, this is beginning to change as awareness of environmental issues grows, and more data centers are now seeking LEED certification.

With the growing trend of green data centers as facilities that are designed to minimize their environmental impact, primarily by optimizing energy efficiency and reducing resource consumption, LEED Certification can play a more important role as follows.

1. Energy Efficiency as a Cornerstone

LEED Certification places a significant emphasis on energy efficiency. Given the substantial energy demands of data centers, adhering to LEED principles ensures that these facilities are designed and operated with a significant emphasis on reducing energy consumption. From advanced cooling systems to optimized power usage, every aspect is meticulously considered and evaluated.

2. Sustainable Site Selection

Beyond the building’s walls, LEED encourages sustainable site selection. Choosing a location with minimal environmental impact and optimal resource utilization contributes significantly to the overall sustainability of a green data center. Thoughtful site selection can reduce the environmental footprint and enhance the Data Center’s energy efficiency. For example, choosing a Data Center location site that is not located on protected or conservation land ensures that the project is starting off with an environmentally sound basis. 

3. Water Wisdom

While water may not be the primary concern for data centers, LEED Certification’s emphasis on water efficiency remains relevant, especially in cooling systems. Integrating water conservation measures aligns with the broader goal of resource optimization. By adopting practices and technologies that reduce water consumption, Data Centers can enhance their sustainability and demonstrate a commitment to responsible resource management within the framework of LEED Certification.

4. Building with Purpose

LEED’s emphasis on environmentally friendly materials and sustainable construction practices is pivotal. Applying these principles in the construction and ongoing operation of a data center underscores a commitment to eco-conscious practices. From the choice of building materials to waste management, every decision contributes to a more sustainable infrastructure.


In essence, adopting LEED Certification for data centers aligns with the broader movement towards sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility. As organizations increasingly prioritize green initiatives, the acquisition of LEED Certification enhances the reputation of data centers and signifies a dedication to sustainable practices. 

EDGE DC, as a pioneer in green data centers in Indonesia, plans to have its upcoming data center, EDGE2 to attain LEED Gold certification once it’s in operation. Get the updates to learn more about sustainable infrastructure of data centers to support your business in Indonesia, reach our team now. 

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