5 EDGE DC Services for Data Center in Indonesia

5 EDGE DC Services for Data Center in Indonesia

By Published On: August 7, 2023Categories: Article
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There is no doubt that digital transformation can solve many problems that were previously hard to solve, starting from making efficiency, driving productivity, to reducing operational costs. And to carry out digital transformation, organizations need a facility called a Data Center.

To meet the needs of data centers in Indonesia, EDGE DC offers a variety of services that are ready to assist both government and private organizations to implement digital transformation seamlessly.

If you are one of those who need data center services in Indonesia, allow us to introduce who and what EDGE DC services are, and why our services can meet the needs and challenges in the Data Center field.

Who is EDGE DC?

EDGE DC is a company established in 2018 under the name PT Ekagrata Data Gemilang that focuses on developing and operating Data Centers in Jakarta.

To ensure the organization is adaptable to the challenges of the digital industry, EDGE DC has adopted worldwide operational standards ranging from Service Level Agreement (SLA) to customer service.

With the tagline “Highly Connected Data Center“, EDGE DC aims to create a digital ecosystem that is highly connected and proximate to end users to support Indonesia’s next-generation digital businesses with low-latency connectivity.

EDGE DC services in the Data Center field

A data center is a facility for storing technological devices and servers connected to the internet network. Data Center companies typically offer a wide range of services, so here are 5 Data Center services from EDGE DC.

1. Colocation

Colocation is the primary service that is mostly requested by those who are looking for a data center, simply defined, colocation is the rental of a room filled with all of the facilities equipment to run a server.

EDGE DC offers colocation with up to 48U Rack capacity, high-density power support, and options for shared or dedicated cage.

With EDGE DC colocation, customers are guaranteed a highly efficient SLA with 99.999% uptime or no more than 5 minutes of downtime per year.

2. Cross Connect

The next service is Cross Connect, which is a physical, hard wired cable that will be part of the data center’s cabling infrastructure. Various elements such as the internet, servers, routers, switches, and storage systems will all be connected through cross connect.

Through this service, customers are able to connect from DC to DC, DC to multi-cloud, and also DC to Internet Exchange. Customers may also easily integrate with network operators and business partners using this solution.

3. Remote Hands

Sometimes data center problems occur unexpectedly, and since EDGE DC’s customers are located far away, resolving these problems immediately is quite challenging.

To handle this concern, EDGE DC provides a Remote Hands service. Shen there is a problem with the server, our technicians will immediately check to solve the problem. With 24/7 on-site assistance, potential business losses due to data center problems can be minimized.

4. HSX by Indonet

Data Center is about how stored data can connect with other networks, so interconnection plays a crucial role here. To ensure seamless access to the Data Center, we also offer HSX (HyperScale conneX) service by Indonet, which is an advanced interconnection solution that enables customers to access data center services without limitations.

Not only does this service provide high transmission performance, but customers will also gain several benefits such as cost savings (pay-as-you-go), fast, instant, and guaranteed security.

5. Cross Link™

This is the last service of EDGE DC that is still related to connectivity. Cross Link™ is a cost effective and efficient solution for EDGE DC Colocation customers.

Using Cross Link™, customers will get metro connection services with high speed and density performance but also at a low cost, especially for Data Centers in EDGE DC or other locations in the same metro area. 

With the purpose of developing a strong and firm connectivity ecosystem that is close to end users, EDGE DC has already offered the following 5 services which are ready to elevate digital businesses in Indonesia to the next level. To learn more about EDGE DC’s service, please reach out to us through the form below.

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