Top 5 Data Center Criterias for Financial Service Industry

Top 5 Data Center Criterias for Financial Service Industry

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Data Center Terbaik untuk Sektor Jasa Keuangan

We are now in an era where digitalization is inevitable and the same applies for the financial service industry (“FSI”) which has reduced reliance on physical processes and shifted towards digital adoption. Furthermore, technology has also created greater efficiency for the FSI, such as utilizing big data analytics for predictive modeling.

In order for such workloads to run smoothly, the Data Center is one of the things that many companies in the financial sector are starting to look at. But what kind of data center is suitable for the financial services sector? Here are several criterias to consider.

Top 5 Criterias for the Best Data Center in the Financial Sector

Organizations utilize Data Center for various purposes, ranging from centralized data storage, business information process, to improve their interconnectivity requirements. To ensure that the Data Center facility provides numerous benefits to the organization, the selection of a Data Center should also consider these following criterias:

1. Location

Although servers, files, or anything stored in a Data Center can be accessed remotely via the internet, Data Center location still plays a crucial role. Ideally, organizations should choose a Data Center located not too far away from their office and in a non disaster-prone area.

Proximity to end-users ensures smooth and fast access to information or data stored in Data Centers. Choosing an area that is not prone to disasters can minimize any unforeseen risks.

A Data Center located in the downtown area such as Jakarta is an ideal choice, besides being close to the office area, organizations can also benefit from reliable power supply and the presence of multiple internet service providers.

2. Security

In addition to being safe from disaster-prone areas as we have mentioned above, Data Center security should also be a key consideration in the Data Center selection process. This is important to ensure that stored data, or anything within the Data Center can only be accessed by authorized parties.

Related to this, you can choose a Data Center with highly secured infrastructure, including multi layer security measures with access controls.

3. Interconnectivity

For those who might not be familiar, interconnectivity in Data Centers refers to a private pathway or connection that enables businesses to exchange data with improved quality, both virtually and through physical media.

In Data Centers, ease of interconnectivity can overcome two main aspects: enhancing network latency and cost-saving on private connections. At EDGE DC, this is achieved exceptionally well, as EDGE DC colocation is connected to various Internet Exchanges and internet service providers in Indonesia.

4. Certification

Similar to other fields, Data Centers also possess several certifications or qualifications awarded by professional organizations to Data Center providers, to show that it can meet specific standards, for example ISO 270001.

Choosing Data Center services from a certified provider ensures that they have been assessed properly and received recognition from authorized certification bodies.

5. Scalability

Another crucial consideration is a Data Center’s ability to scale its capacity according to business needs. As volume of data increases in line with business growth, an organization’s demand for storage capacity will rise accordingly.

Moreover, unexpected spikes in workload due to increased demand might require scaling up the infrastructure. Therefore, choosing a Data Center with the capability to scale according to business needs is a must to ensure operational continuity in the future.

Those are the top 5 criteria that can be utilized by Financial Services sectors to define the best Data Center services.

If you’re interested in using a Colocation Data Centers but unsure where to start and what to look for, you can directly inquire with the EDGE DC team directly by filling out the form below.

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