4 Reasons Why You Should Lease Data Center in Downtown Area

4 Reasons Why You Should Lease Data Center in Downtown Area

By Published On: August 14, 2023Categories: Article
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As the need for servers continues to grow, leasing a Data Center can become the preferred solution for many digital businesses. Apart from being more affordable than operating their own Data Center, Colocation also offers customers greater flexibility to scale the capacity they need.

In a highly connected facility, customers that utilize colocation c access their workload in the Data Center anywhere and anytime.

At first glance, location might not seem an issue because it can be solved by the internet, but if we look further, location actually has a strong influence on Data Centers.

Why Data Centers in Downtown Area are More Preferable

In this article, we will discuss why the location of Data Centers, especially those in the downtown area, is much more beneficial than other areas.

1. Proximity to Network Provider

It can be said that network latency is one of the main challenges in the digital business world, and Data Centers located in downtown areas can effectively address this issue because of its proximity to Network Providers.

Among other complex components, bandwidth also plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth data exchange. Ideally, Data Centers should be supported with sufficient bandwidth based on the demand for data volume.

The proximity and abundance of Network Providers in downtown areas can assist organizations in ensuring that Data Centers consistently receive an adequate amount of bandwidth, ensuring smooth connectivity.

2. Close to Users

Data Centers located closer to the downtown area, also have more benefits as compared to those located further away. As we know that lower latency is better for Data Center , because the distance of data being sent from the Server to users is closer, enabling faster data transfer.

Not only that, this proximity to users will also provide greater convenience for the customers of the Data Center  when they need to do some work on their servers. The IT team will be much more responsive if unexpected events happen that require them to immediately be on-site.

3. Security Issues

A highly secure Data Center is crucial as the workload stored in the servers increases, reliability ensures that servers will run without any interruption, while security ensures that data won’t be accessed by any unauthorized users.

Speaking of security aspects in Data Centers, we also need to ensure that Data Centers are located in a safe location with low risk of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

Flooding is still a problem in big cities, including Jakarta, but this won’t be an issue as EDGE DC’s Data Centers are located in flood-free areas.

4. Ease of Scalability

Growth in digital business can be hard to predict, there are times when businesses experience rapid growth, resulting in a sudden increase of user numbers. At times like this, the demand for Data Centers will certainly rise.

Some people may highlight that a major challenge for downtown Data Centers is scalability due to limited availability of suitable land. However, at EDGE DC, this challenge can be effectively overcome with our commitment to provide scalability in downtown, ensuring sufficient capacity for customers to scale with us as their business grow

Seamless connectivity, proximity to end users, security and scalability are crucial factors that provide a lot of benefits for organizations in utilizing Data Centers.

Based on the discussion above, Data Centers located in downtown areas like EDGE DC have proven to greatly support organizations in their digital transformation. EDGE DC so far has 5 services related to Data Centers which you can read here.

If you want to get more information about our Data Center services, please reach out to us by filling out the contact form below.

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