4 Types of Data Center Services that Company May Choose, Which is the Best?

Rak server dengan beberapa lampu yang mengindikasi normal dan error

The increasingly massive use of digital technology makes business strategies inevitably have to adopt new approaches, one of which is the use of data. Some say “Data is the new oil”. For this reason, many companies are now implementing data collection and processing to obtain important information which is also known as Data Mining.

To implement this strategy, to make the process easier, most companies prefer to work with a data center company. But what are the services usually provided by Data Center companies?

4 Types of Data Center Services in Indonesia

Every company, of course, has different products and services. But generally, the types of Data Center Services in Indonesia are as follows:

1. Colocation

The first one is Colocation, a service that rents out space to store company-owned servers or computing devices with reliable security and reliability standards.

Not only empty space, this service basically also includes other things needed to operate the server starting from the building area, pending servers, electricity, bandwidth, as well as officers for security.

With Colocation, companies will get many benefits, such as guaranteed server performance and security, but do not require a large investment value like building their own data center.

2. Disaster Recovery Service

Every business activity that we do has risks. As part of mitigating the risk of data loss, Disaster Recovery Services can be one of the services that companies can utilize.

Disaster Recovery Service can be defined as a service to ensure that data can be accessed or not lost when a disaster occurs in the data center, both natural disasters and disasters caused by human error.

That way, any company operation related to data can still run properly even in a disaster situation.

3. Managed Service

Managed Service is a service provided by a third party to ensure that the company’s servers and IT infrastructure are optimally optimized. The scope of this service usually includes monitoring server health, managing databases, performing backups, and performing maintenance on server security.

With managed services, the company’s servers are guaranteed with reliable performance and minimized risks.

4. Dedicated Servers

Last, there is a Dedicated Server, a cloud hosting service where the hosting storage is separate from other customers. If you use this service, one cloud hosting that has been rented will not be shared with other customers.

Because one server is provided specifically, the company will get several benefits such as more stable performance and better security.

Which is the right service?

Those are the 4 types of services that are usually provided by data center companies that the company may choose to manage and maximize data mining activities.

Keep in mind that basically, these 4 services are different products, and some products are provided to support other products.

For example for Colocation and Disaster Recovery Service. Disaster Recovery Service here serves as a supporting tool to minimize risks to the data center. Meanwhile, Managed Service is a service to manage the data center.

So which service served you the best? Contact EDGE DC to find out what type of data center service suits your business.

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