Enhancing its High Connectivity Data Center in City Center, EDGE DC is visited by APJII Jakarta 

Enhancing its High Connectivity Data Center in City Center, EDGE DC is visited by APJII Jakarta 

By Published On: June 8, 2023Categories: Article, Event

Jakarta, June 6, 2023 – To enhance the services and connectivity for Indonesian internet users, EDGE DC invited the members of Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII) DKI Jakarta to visit EDGE1 – a data center facility located in downtown Jakarta. As part of the Training and Certification Program of APJII DKI Jakarta, this visit is expected to accommodate internet service providers to get high connectivity Data Center’s solution for their customers.  

In 2021, EDGE DC started to operate their first data center facility, EDGE1 with 6 MW IT Load capacity. Where currently, more than 35 local and international internet service providers are connected. EDGE DC has also served a wide range of domestic and international customers, such as Cloud, Financial Service Providers, Content Delivery Network (CDN), and others. The increasing customer demands also prepared EDGE DC for its second Data Center – EDGE2 with a total of 23 MW IT load which will be ready for service by the end of 2023.  

The APJII Jakarta’s visit on June 6, 2023 was welcomed by the EDGE DC team with a presentation on available interconnectivity solutions. As a Cloud, Carrier, and Internet Exchange neutral Data Center, EDGE DC also provided great opportunities for internet service providers to peer and interconnect with various companies in EDGE1.

With the presence of various enterprises at EDGE DC, APJII members can interconnect and support the peering needs of existing enterprises at EDGE1, especially cloud providers, content providers, and content delivery networks that require high interconnection for their business operations.

The event then continued with a visit to EDGE1 – EDGE DC’s data center located not far from Cyber 1. Here, members were able to see first-hand the security standards, redundancy power used, and network concepts within the data center.

Placard handover from EDGE DC to APJII Jakarta. Source: EDGE DC

During this visit, Tedi Supardi Muslih as Chairman of APJII DKI Jakarta Regional Management (Penwil), said “This peering needs may provide a solution for members to peering with global providers which already in trend and can become a big business potential for APJII DKI members in the future.”

Stephanus Oscar, CEO of EDGE DC, also stated, “With the increasing interconnected networks within the Data Center, a strong digital ecosystem will be created. This will undoubtedly provide additional choices for digital infrastructure solutions for our clients in the future. We are open wide to internet service providers who want to obtain multi-connectivity for customers with our SLA guarantee.”

With EDGE DC’s high level of scalability and interconnection options, in the future through data center facilities – EDGE2 will be able to accommodate the interconnectivity solutions needed by internet users in Jakarta and surrounding areas. As a carrier neutral data center service provider, EDGE DC is ready to work with APJII Jakarta to create a healthy and reliable internet ecosystem.

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