5 Reasons to Choose Data Center Located in Downtown Jakarta

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The demand for Data Centers continues to increase due to the Internet of Things (IoT) which has merged into the culture of society. Companies are now starting to see data centers as part of their business strategy.

When we want to implement the use of a data center as part of a business strategy, we are faced with several choices, which are using a data center in Indonesia (Jakarta), building our own, or choosing one abroad.

It is recommended for companies to use data center services in Jakarta compared to making their own or abroad. Why is that so? Check out the discussion below.

5 Reasons to Choose a Data Center Located in Downtown Jakarta

There are several reasons why a Data Center located in Downtown Jakarta is preferred. Here are the reasons.

1. User Proximity

Data Centers that are close to users will have more benefits. From the user side, for example, if our Data Center is located close to users, data access will be much faster, which they call low latency.

And this speed will affect many things, including profit. For example, for stock trading software, the speed of access will allow companies to accommodate many transactions at once.

Let’s compare it with Data Centers that are abroad. For data centers located in Jakarta, the latency level can be below 1 millisecond. While at the Data Center located outside Indonesia, the latency can reach up to 11 milliseconds.

Not only that, but this proximity will also make it easier for the IT team when they want to perform maintenance on the data center.

2. Many Fiber Optic Network Options

Data distribution basically uses a fiber optic network, and its role is very important in the Data Center. With a fiber optic network, we are able to transmit large amounts of information with better signal security and minimum downtime.

In a big city like Jakarta, there are many fiber optic network options, so we have more flexibility on data center solutions.

3. Close to Various Internet Exchanges

The actual data access speed is not only affected by the proximity of the Data Center location. There are many things, including the type of software created, until the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) used.

IXP becomes a bridge when accessing the main network by exchanging traffic, and the distance between the IXP and the data center is also a determinant on how fast data access is.

Indirectly, proximity to various Internet Exchanges will make it easier for us to optimize Data Center latency.

4. Country’s Technology and Financial Hubs

Although one day Jakarta will no longer be the capital city of the Country, the only city that is ready to become the Country’s Technology and Financial Hubs is  Jakarta. And that means the business ecosystem in Jakarta is arguably far superior to other cities.

The business ecosystem is the creator of value. By having a data center in Jakarta, the business will have a better ecosystem, so we can easily find resources and make connections to strengthen our platform.

5. Electrical Resources Availability

No matter how good the technology in the data center is, everything will be useless if the availability of electrical resources is disturbed. Jakarta in general does not have serious problems with electricity sources, because there are already 6 sub-systems that are ready to supply electricity needs in Jakarta.

And more interestingly, EDGE DC has collaborated with PT PLN, where EDGE DC is one of PT PLN premium customers.

This Premium service owned by PT PLN is different from other services, where premium customers will be provided with electricity supply from two different sources that are equipped with the Automatic Change Over (ACO) system, an automatic system that will immediately switch to a second source if the main source experiences problems.

This premium power service will ensure that EDGE DC operations will not be affected due to a lack of electricity supply.

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