Global Edge Cloud Provider – Kaopu Cloud Announces Strategic Collaboration with EDGE DC in Indonesia

Global Edge Cloud Provider – Kaopu Cloud Announces Strategic Collaboration with EDGE DC in Indonesia

By Published On: December 20, 2023Categories: News
Kaopu Cloud x EDGE DC

Bolstering Connectivity Options through EDGE DC’s low latency connectivity and carrier neutral facility to serve Indonesia’s Fast-Growing Market

Jakarta, 20 December 2023 – Kaopu Cloud, a global edge cloud provider has announced strategic collaboration with EDGE DC as one of their main data center partners in Indonesia. As part of this strategic collaboration, Kaopu Cloud will deploy their core network PoP (Point-of-Presence) at EDGE DC to support their customers’ growing demand in the Indonesia market. In return, EDGE DC and their parent company, Indonet will support Kaopu Cloud’s colocation and network requirements through their digital infrastructure services including EPIX (“Edge Peering Internet Exchange”). This collaboration will enable Kaopu Cloud to bring their reliable, secure and scalable edge cloud services closer to their end users in Indonesia with a highly connected ecosystem and high-speed connectivity.

Kaopu Cloud decided to enter the Indonesia market early this year driven by the opportunity to bring their edge cloud services to the fourth most populated country in the world. Since their establishment, Kaopu Cloud has helped their customers to reach their end users globally through their leading edge cloud services with low latency and high scalability. Their strategy whenever entering a new market involves finding the right local partner that can help with Data Center resources and connectivity to reach the most eyeballs with speed and efficiency.

EDGE DC along with Indonet provides local knowledge and digital infrastructure resources to help connect Kaopu Cloud to their local IXs (Internet Exchanges) and other network partners in Indonesia. Additionally, EDGE DC is serving Kaopu Cloud through EPIX, a cutting-edge carrier neutral internet exchange that offers ultra-high-speed connectivity to its participants. Since its launch in 2023, EPIX has gained the trust of over 35 peering partners including global content and various Internet Service Providers (ISPs). EPIX can benefit their members including Kaopu Cloud by enabling a seamless and cost-efficient exchange of IP traffic with low latency. 

“Kaopu Cloud is proud to bring our knowledge and expertise in edge cloud technology to the Indonesian market in collaboration with EDGE DC and Indonet. There are always challenges in entering a new market and having trusted local partners like them will help our business scale up quickly and serve our end users better. We believe that there is a huge growth opportunity in Indonesia and we appreciate the strong support given by them throughout. This partnership will help to deliver the greater experience from our edge cloud technology to businesses and consumers in Indonesia,” said Max Liu, CEO of Kaopu Cloud.

Stephanus Oscar, CEO of EDGE DC, said “Our carrier neutral data center is dedicated to providing highly scalable digital infrastructure with low latency connectivity for our customers. We believe that tailored interconnection services, such as cross-connects, private network connections, and peering services, will allow clients to build flexible and scalable network architectures. We are humbled and honored by the trust given by Kaopu Cloud as their DC partner for their expansion into the Indonesia market. By collaborating with prominent cloud services providers like Kaopu Cloud, we advance our mission to bridge the digital divide and strengthen digital infrastructure in the rapidly growing digital market in Indonesia.”


About Kaopu Cloud

Established in 2002, Kaopu Cloud has built over 50 city edge nodes in more than 150 data centers across 30+ countries around the world. As a leading innovative edge cloud service provider, Kaopu Cloud now has more than 30 TBps network capacity. Kaopu Cloud works closely with strategic local partners globally to help provide their clients with cost effective solutions to quickly scale their workload on demand and deliver extraordinary user experiences based on their specific needs. Kaopu Cloud is committed to providing their customers with complete edge cloud products and customized solutions, including Cloud Server, Bare Metal Server, Global Connect, Cloud Gaming and other related services.


Established in 2018, PT Ekagrata Data Gemilang (“EDGE DC”) is the subsidiary of Indonesia’s first commercial internet service provider (“ISP”) Indonet (IDX:EDGE). EDGE DC provides a robust digital ecosystem for cloud, network providers, content delivery network (CDN) and financial services, serving some of the biggest tech companies including both global and local enterprises. EDGE DC’s Cloud, Carrier and IX neutral facility is located in Downtown Jakarta, close to major internet exchanges and carriers, enabling low latency connectivity to support next generation applications. Together with Indonet’s end-to-end network services, EDGE DC aims to provide world class digital infrastructure with industry leading SLA to help businesses scale up rapidly in Southeast Asia’s largest economy.

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