Peer with Tencent Cloud via EPIX at EDGE1 Data Center Jakarta

Peer with Tencent Cloud via EPIX at EDGE1 Data Center Jakarta

By Published On: November 10, 2023Categories: Article, News
Tencent Cloud - Digital Edge for EPIX

Tencent Cloud today announced its collaboration with Digital Edge, a trusted and forward-looking data center platform company, to improve connectivity via integration with the Edge Peering Internet Exchange (EPIX) at EDGE1 data center in Jakarta, operated by PT Ekagrata Data Gemilang (“EDGE DC”). This strategic joint effort enables Tencent Cloud to directly access the EPIX platform, facilitating seamless and efficient data exchange. By joining forces with Digital Edge, Tencent Cloud demonstrates its commitment to fostering connectivity and strengthening digital infrastructure in emerging markets, including Indonesia.

EPIX is an exceptional carrier-neutral Internet exchange that offers ultra-high-speed connectivity, powered by a robust, redundant network platform. It serves as a valuable tool for all peering participants, including Carriers, ISPs, Content Providers, and Enterprises, facilitating swift and cost-effective exchange of IP traffic. Whether the goal is to optimize network performance, enhance redundancy, or reduce operational costs, EPIX stands as the ideal platform to connect with the global network.

Tencent Cloud’s entry as one of the pioneering cloud service providers to join EPIX in Jakarta highlights its strong confidence in the Indonesian cloud market. With a robust global infrastructure network spanning 26 geographic areas and 70 availability zones, including two data centers in Jakarta, Indonesia, Tencent Cloud offers over 400 technologies and connectivity solutions to support enterprise-grade digital transformation. By establishing local data centers, Tencent Cloud brings its services closer to customers and users, reducing data access delays and accelerating digital transformation for businesses and organizations throughout the country, in compliance with regulatory requirements and provides additional disaster recovery options across the Asia-Pacific region.

Jimmy Chen, Vice President of Tencent Cloud International and Managing Director of Southeast Asia, said, “We are pleased to further establish ourselves as a major international cloud services provider, hand-in-hand with EPIX in Jakarta. This achievement is a testament to our 20+ years of experience in technological innovation and our robust infrastructure foundation. By establishing this connection, we are taking a significant step towards promoting connectivity in emerging markets and driving the advancement of digital infrastructure. We are genuinely excited about the vast opportunities this collaboration presents and remain fully committed to accelerating the digital transformation across diverse industries in Indonesia.”

Jonathan Chou, Chief Product Officer, Digital Edge, said, “Digital Edge is committed to offering diverse connectivity options to our colocation customers, including providing internet exchanges to enable peering and foster a thriving digital ecosystem within our data centers. Through working with leading cloud services providers such as Tencent Cloud we are able to further our mission to bridge the digital divide and bolster digital infrastructure across Asia’s fast growing markets, including Indonesia.”

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