gain access to rich business ecosystem

For industries - Many new technologies will utilize and benefit from Edge DC Indonesia

including 5G networks, Internet of things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) devices.

High-tech providers who invest in the deployment of Edge DC Indonesia today will achieve a competitive edge for tomorrow, and will be able to offer faster, more reliable delivery of their services and applications.

Bring IT resources closer to end users and devices effectively.

Financial Sector

With reduced latency for high-volume financial company, trading algorithms are executed quicker, potentially making more profit. Banking institutions are adopting Edge computing in conjunction with smartphone apps making them more responsive and allowing them to offer a broader suite of features.


The combination of Edge computing and industrial IoT devices will make it easier to streamline industrial processes, optimize supply chains, and create the smart factory, and allows for better predictive maintenance and energy efficiency.

Smart Cities

Smart cities will feature large-scale deployments of millions of IoT devices. Local computing resources housed in Edge data center Indonesia will enable operation of these IoT devices, running high-speed applications for public safety, data collection, and data processing.


Edge data center will improve the gaming experience for players. It will increase game responsiveness to player commands, reduce latency and lag, and eliminate mid-game failures caused by application transmission errors.


With Edge, devices could gather, store, and deliver critical information about their patients in real time, and even use their processing capabilities to recommend treatments.

AI Virtual

By incorporating edge computing architecture into their networks, companies can improve performance significantly. Edge data center architecture is vital for providing these services with minimal latency.


Making transportation safer, enabling autonomous vehicles to receive real-time traffic information and emergency warnings from smart traffic signals and road sensors. Edge data centers will also allow self-driving cars to easily connect with centralized servers at their home company.

Augmented Reality

Edge allows IoT devices to composite AR displays instantly, allowing users to look anywhere to take in new AR details without having to deal with loading times. Edge data centers will provide local computing resources for highly-complex AR data processing, and high-speed delivery of applications.


Shifting data processing to the Edge of the network can help companies take advantage of the growing number of:

IoT edge devices

improve network speed

fast growing

agile company

enhance customer experiences

data security & efficiency

cost efficiency