Peer & Iftar with ITOC Community at EDGE2 Data Center Jakarta

Peer & Iftar with ITOC Community at EDGE2 Data Center Jakarta

By Published On: March 29, 2024Categories: Event
Peer & Iftar with ITOC at EDGE2

Jakarta, March 28, 2024 – EDGE DC in collaboration with IT Officer Community (ITOC) and IDXSTI of Bursa Efek Indonesia (Indonesia Stock Exchange) as our business partner, held a ‘Peer & Iftar’ event foster collaboration within Indonesia’s key financial services stakeholders.

Through this fruitful event at our recently launched facility data center EDGE2, we are discussing the importance of IT maintenance and colocation data center to support the high growth demand sector like financial services.

Situated on Jl. Kuningan Mulia in South Jakarta and within a mere 3 km radius of EDGE1, a highly interconnected data center in Jakarta, EDGE2 stands as the largest data center in the metropolitan region. Boasting a total IT Load of 23 MW and accommodating over 3,400 racks, EDGE2 is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptionally reliable and secure IT infrastructure, catering to the escalating needs of diverse digital enterprises across Indonesia.

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