Juniper Networks and EDGE DC presents “Advanced BGP Routing and Peering Workshop”

Juniper Networks and EDGE DC presents “Advanced BGP Routing and Peering Workshop”

By Published On: June 14, 2024Categories: Event

Jakarta, June 13, 2024 – As part of our dedication to improving connectivity for customers in Indonesia, and in collaboration with Juniper Networks, EDGE DC is hosting the “Advanced BGP Routing and Peering Workshop“. This event provides a unique platform for technical experts to participate in an in-depth discussions and sharing sessions with the industry experts.

The event opened with a presentation from Juniper Networks titled “Value-Add IP Service with Advanced BGP Technique“, followed by an introduction to EPIX (Edge Peering Internet Exchange), by Raphael Ho from Indonet. EPIX is a carrier neutral, ultra high speed Internet exchange, enabled by a high performance, high-density, fully redundant network platform.

To complete the spectrum of discussion, there are two case studies presented during the event. The first topic is covering “Ensuring Network Redundancy and Resilience in Tier 1 ISP Infrastructure with Juniper Technologies” by Sefhian Frans Hottua from Matrix NAP Info and the second topic is about “Managing Customers’ Multi-Hundred Gigabit Backbone Network Using Juniper” by Somat Saputra from Abhinawa.

With our advanced infrastructure, including the state-of-the-art EDGE2 data center and the innovative Edge Peering Internet Exchange (EPIX), we are fully equipped to meet and support your connectivity requirements. Our solutions are designed to help businesses optimize network performance, enhance user experience, and boost operational efficiency.

Look forward in collaborating with industry partners to develop a solution that will advance interconnectivity in Indonesia and beyond.

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