Data Center vs Cloud: Which One is Better?

Data Center vs Cloud: Which One is Better?

By Published On: October 28, 2022Categories: Article
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Data has become one of the important elements for organizations to carry out their operations, regardless of whatever field they are in. Through optimized data processing, it can help us make objective decisions, identify business pattern, and improve the organization functions.

And to implement this, there are two commonly used options, namely Data Center and Cloud. What exactly are Data Center and Cloud? And which is actually the best choice for a business? This discussion will help business owners to find the right solution.

What is a Data Center?

A Data Center can be defined as a room or computer network facility complete with its components, which can be used by an organization to process large amounts of data (Big Data).

With a Data Center, it is possible for the company to process, organize, store, and distribute data with a wider range of customization and better security systems.

What is Cloud?

While the Cloud can be defined as a group of server network services with unique processes that can also be used to process, store, and distribute data.

Although the Cloud also has a physical form and is also part of the Data Center, most of Indonesia’s Cloud services do not refer to physical entities, these are server network services that can be accessed remotely via the internet network.

Difference Between Data Center Vs Cloud

Fundamentally, the data center is a special room for IT infrastructure. Cloud is also contained in the Data Center, but it’s using a computing method connected to the internet. So, both function of Data Center and Cloud are storing data files.

To understand these two things better, here we describe the difference between Data Center and Cloud:

Data CenterCloud
Data Center is a resource in physical form that can help companies to process, store, organize, and distribute data.Cloud is a virtual resource that can be used to process, store, organize, and distribute data.
The company can easily make adjustments.Requires planning and effort that is not easy to make adjustments.
Companies need experienced human resources to be able to operate the Data Center properly.Cloud is much easier to operate, if we compare it with a Data Center.
Data Center is usually used by companies that need storage resources with the best level of security.Cloud is usually used by individuals or organizations with projects that do not require a high level of security.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Data Center and Cloud

Through the differences above, you can get a more comprehensive picture of the Data Center and Cloud. To make it easier to choose a suitable service, the following will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Data Center and Cloud:


If we look at it from a security perspective, the Data Center is definitely superior. In the Data Center, the company self manages and operates it. In this way, the data leakage risk is much smaller.

On the other hand, Cloud involves a third party as a service provider, which means that the level of security of the data that we host on the server really depends on how professional and reliable the Cloud service provider is.


If we compare both, the cost of the cloud is cheaper than investing in a data center. But unfortunately, both don’t share the same quality and specification. But unfortunately, this is not a product that is the same in quality and quantity.

Data Centers are obviously more expensive, but companies will get better performance and a better level of security. While the Cloud, performance, and level of security are below the Data Center.

So which is cheaper between Data Center and Cloud? Of course, it depends on the business needs.


It’s important to ensure the business operations by choosing the right solutions. You either can choose Cloud or Data Center like EDGE DC for your database management. Now is the time to choose whether to use the Cloud or a Data Center such as Edge DC which is a data center service provider with low latency.

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